2nd Symposium on
Complex Biodynamics & Networks
11-13th May 2015 | Tsuruoka, Japan

Instructions for submissions

Step 1: Address and Author list

Please input the address of the corresponding author in the designated areas.

At least one author should be input to validate the submission.
At least one of the authors should be marked as corresponding author.

Step 2: Title, Abstract and Submission type

Please input title and abstract in the designated areas, and choose the submission type.
If you decide to submit a paper, please upload an attached PDF or Word file in Step 4.

Step 3: Keywords and Topics

Please input at least 3 keywords and choose at least one topic.

Step 4: Attachments

Please upload a PDF or a Word file if you have chosen paper submission.
Template for paper submission and instructions are available here.

For poster and oral submissions, please choose "I will submit later".

Step 5: Submit

Please click on the button to validate your submission.

Last update: Jan 13, 2015